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Medical Support Services (MSS)

Medical Support Services (MSS)
  • Medical Support Services (MSS)
  • Customers served by Medical Support Services are eligible low-income children
    and adults requesting Medicaid assistance. Our consumers may also receive
    other public assistance benefits, such as TANF cash assistance, Food Stamps,
    and Disability Financial Assistance. We provide services for pregnant women,
    children, and the aged, blind and disabled.

  • Medical Support Services Department
    Is comprised of the following units designed to deliver services related to the
    Medicaid program. They are as follows:

  • Hospital Out-Station Services
  • The Hospital Out-Station Unit is responsible for the “initial processing” of Medicaid applications for hospitalized patients. Case
    managers are out-stationed at hospitals and clinics to assist with the filing of applications, determining benefits, and providing
    information and referrals. Customers may also request other benefits, such as Food Stamps or TANF.

  • Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waiver Services
  • Home and Community-Based Services Waiver program allows customers with disabilities and/or chronic conditions to receive
    care in their homes or assisted living facilities instead of in long-term care nursing facilities or hospitals. Generally, the cost for
    waiver services is less than nursing home costs.

    The customer’s Level of Care (LOC) determines the type of waiver services needed. Cases Management Agencies contracted by
    the Ohio Department of Aging, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, or the Ohio Department of Developmental
    Disabilities determine the Level of Care. Once an individual’s LOC determines waiver services are needed, a HCBS Waiver
    Medicaid eligibility determination is completed. Waiver programs include:


  • Nursing Home Services
  • The Nursing Home Unit assists nursing home residents with a Medicaid eligibility determination. A resource assessment is
    required and entails facilitating decision making on financial matters. Spousal impoverishment regulations are used for married
    couples separated by nursing home placement.

    For more information on Medicaid/Nursing Home, go to:

    http://../FAQReferenceDocuments/Medicaid - Nursing Home Info.pdf

  • Disability Determination Area (DDA)
  • The Disability Determination Area assists Medicaid applicants, who allege a disability. Information is obtained about the
    applicant’s social, education, employment, and medical histories. Medical evidence supporting the disability is collected. ODJFS
    determines if the applicant meets the definition of disability.

  • SSI Advocacy
  • The SSI Advocacy program assists a customer with their Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability (SSDI)
    application. A SSI advocate provides services that facilitate the submission of the initial SSA application, reconsideration, or
    hearing. SSI advocates also refer customers to community resources and act as liaison between SSA, DDA and medical

  • Transportation
  • The Transportation Unit provides non-emergency transportation (NET) services to the following Medicaid eligible customers:

    • TANF

    • Aged, blind and disabled

    • Refugee

    • Waiver

    • Pregnancy Related Services

  • Title XX customers over-income for NET services; age 60 and older; APS customers, or customers with a life threatening

  • LEAP students who need transportation to and from their child’s day care provider and school

  • Tracking and Referral Unit
  • The Tracking Referral Unit is responsible for tracking applications and assigning case numbers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is disability determined?

The ODJFS Disability Determination Unit determines if a Medicaid applicant meets the definition of disability. To be considered disabled, an applicant, aged eighteen or older, must be unable to engage in any substantial gainful employment by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment, which can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than twelve months or result in death. The FCDJFS Disability Determination Area requests an applicant alleging disability complete a Disability Questionnaire, which includes social, employment, education, and medical histories. The applicant signs Authorization for the Release or Use of Protected Health Information forms, which allows collection of medical evidence pertaining to each alleged disability.

How long will it take before the applicant knows if they are eligible for Medicaid benefits?

To receive Medicaid, the applicant must meet financial and disability criterion. Medicaid also requires an individual to apply for Social Security disability benefits. The Medicaid eligibility process should be completed within ninety (90) days of application.

What if the applicant thinks they are disabled, but do not have any documentation from either the physician or mental health professional?

The applicant will be scheduled for medical evaluations and/or psychological evaluations at no cost to the applicant.

How is an applicant referred to the FCDJFS Disability Determination Area?

An applicant should tell their case manager that they believe they have a disability. The case worker will refer the individual to the FCDJFS Disability Determination Area.

If an individual is found eligible for cash assistance from the Disability Financial Assistance (DFA) Program, how much money will the person receive?

The current monthly cash allotment is $115

How do I find out more information about nursing homes and Medicaid?

Please find below more information

How do I verify 30 days of income when I just started my job?

You may have your new employer complete form 534B. Once you have received four weeks of pay you may submit your paystubs to the Childcare Unit.

Click here for the Income Verification Form.