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A request for a state hearing is defined as a clear expression, by the individual or authorized representative, to the effect that he or she wishes to appeal a decision or wants the opportunity to present his or her case to a higher authority.

A state hearing may only be requested by or on behalf of an individual applying for or receiving benefits.

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Information Last Updated: 6/24/2017 12:00:00 AM

Frequently Asked Questions

I withdrew my hearing pending an agreement between me and my worker--the worker has not fulfilled that agreement.

Try to call the worker or supervisor to inquire as to why the action has not been done and if you do not get an answer to your satisfaction-call State hearings and go forth with a hearing.

The compliance ordered via the hearing decision has not be complied with-what do I do to resolve this matter?

Try to call the worker or supervisor-if you can not get in touch with either, call the state compliance officer and ask for help in resolving the issue.

When I get to the actual state hearing the worker and I come up with an agreement-is it too late to withdraw? Do I have to go forth with the hearing at this point?

No, you can tell the hearing officer that the two of you have came to an agreement on your case and you would like to withdraw the hearing.

If I want to request a hearing or a withdrawal do I have to submit it in writing?

No, you can currently submit a request for a hearing or withdrawal verbally, by phone, in writing and/or e-mail.