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Child Support

The Child Support Enforcement Agency can assist you by providing the following services:
  • Establishment of Paternity

    The agency can obtain an order for the legal establishment of paternity (fatherhood) if the mother was not married to the man who is named as the father of the child. A non-custodial parent may also request paternity services.

  • Location of Non-Custodial Parents

    The agency can assist in finding where a non-custodial parent is currently living as part of establishing paternity and/or a support order.

  • Establishment or Adjustment of Child Support and Medical Support

    If legal paternity has been established, the CSEA can assist in obtaining an order for child support and cash medical support if the client is unmarried or married but separated.

    The CSEA can also assist in modifying the amount of monthly support ordered (administrative adjustment review) if the current order is more than 36 months old or the case meets specified requirements that are an exception to the 36 month rule.

  • Enforcement of Existing Orders

    The CSEA can collect current and past-due child support. There is no statute of limitations on the collection of past-due support in Ohio.

    Federal and State Income Tax Refund Offsets for the Collection of Child Support Arrearages

    The agency can collect past-due support (arrearages) by intercepting the non-custodial parent’s federal and state income tax refund if the case meets the established criteria.

  • Withholding of Wages and Income for the Payment of Ordered Support

    The agency can initiate payroll deductions for current and past-due child support and also garnish unemployment compensation or social security disability benefits.

  • Collection and Disbursement of Payments

    The Ohio Child Support Payment Central (OCSPC) receives the support due a custodial parent and re-issues the collection to a client via electronic fund transfer (EFT) or via the Ohio child support debit card.

  • Interstate Collection of Child Support

    The agency can assist a client in collecting support if the obligor is living in another state or in some foreign countries.