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Child Care Eligibility

Child Care Eligibility

Applying for Publicly Funded Child Care

Publicly Funded Child Care (PFCC) helps eligible families pay for child care services for children under the age of 13 and children with disabilities up to the age of 18. Applicants may be required to pay a co-payment based on gross monthly income and family size.

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Information Last Updated: 6/24/2017 12:00:00 AM

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for Child Care?

Applying for Child Care is easy. No face-to-face interview is required. Once eligible, you only need to reapply once a year and report any changes to your case within 10 days. To get started, simply complete the Application for Child Care Benefits (JFS 01138) and submit it to FCDJFS by:

    In order for FCDJFS to process your completed application, you need to provide the following information:
  • The name and address of a licensed child care provider/program of your choice,
  • Copies of citizenship or Qualified Alien status verification for each child needing care
  • Proof of employment showing the past 30 days of income and/or
  • Proof of enrollment in an approved school or training activity
  • Proof of household size
    • You may be asked to verify physical custody of your child(ren)
    Applications are processed in the order they are received, once all necessary verification has been provided.

What are the income limits to qualify for PFCC?

Financial eligibility is based on your family’s gross monthly income and family size. Gross monthly household income is defined as your income before taxes, which includes employment income, child support, cash assistance, social security, disability, etc.

  • Household income:

    Monthly Gross Income Table effective as of September 28, 2015
  • New Applicants – The gross monthly household income for your family size must be equal to or less than 130% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL)
  • Existing Recipients – The gross monthly household income for your family size must be equal to or less than 300% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) to maintain eligibility for Child Care.
Please find below a brief outline of the Income Eligibility Standards:
Family Size2016 Federal Poverty Level (100%) Annually2016 Federal Poverty Level (100%) MonthlyMaximum Monthly Income Limit for Initial Eligibility (130%)Maximum Monthly Income Limit for Transitional Eligibility (130%)Maximum Monthly Income Limit for Ongoing Eligibility (300%)

Where can I get a list of child care providers that accept Publicly Funded Child Care?

FCDJFS recommends the following resources to assist parents and caretakers in locating a child care program that fits their needs:

Forms and Information for Parents/Caretakers

Here are some important documents about Child Care. Please click on a link to open the documents:

JFS 1138CCP Child Care Application
JFS 1148Child Care Application/Redetermination Verification Checklist
FCDJFS #426CCP Child Care Follow-up Letter
FCDJFS #21CCP Verification School Records
JFS 1124Redetermination Application For Child Care Benefits

What happens if I lose my job or stop attending school?

A caretaker may continue to receive publicly funded child care (PFCC) for up to 13 weeks after the loss of a qualifying activity, such as loss of employment, no longer in school, or not participating in work activity for cash assistance. This 13-week benefit is available only once every 12 months. If approved:

  1. Continued eligibility will begin the 1st day of the activity loss, regardless of when the change is reported;
  2. Copayments may be recalculated and shall be effective from the first day of the new corresponding eligibility period; and
  3. Continued eligibility may be extended up to 13 weeks from the date that the qualifying activity ended.
    • In some circumstances, the continued eligibility period may be less than 13 weeks. Please contact (614) 233-2000 option 2 to speak with the case manager assigned to your case for more information

Who do I contact to find out the status of my case?

You may contact the FCDJFS Customer Access Center (CAC) at 614-233-2000 for questions about your application/case. In the event that a CAC representative cannot address your question(s), your call will be routed to Child Care eligibility staff for follow-up within 24 hours.

How often do I need to complete a redetermination to prevent my child care benefit from expiring?

In order to maintain continued eligibility for your child care benefit, a redetermination packet must be submitted every twelve (12) months, and is due before your current eligibility ends. A redetermination application (JFS 1124) is mailed 45 days before the end date of eligibility. To avoid potential interruption to your child care benefit, please submit the JFS 1124 and all supporting documentation before the end date of eligibility. A second letter will be mailed 15 days before the end date of eligibility reminding you of the termination date.

When will I get a notice that my application was approved or denied?

A notice should be received in the mail within 7 to 10 business days after the decision is made.

How long does it take to process my application from when I submit it?

FCDJFS may take up to 30 days from the date of submission to process and make a determination on any application. If all verifications needed to determine eligibility are provided at the time of the application, the processing time decreases.

Will I be contacted if a certain verification or part of my application is missing?

Yes, FCDJFS may take up to 10 calendar days to review applications and mail a follow-up letter indicating what information is still needed to determine eligibility.

I currently have an open child care case. How do I report changes?

To report a change, to your child care case, such as a new provider, you may use a Child Care Change form (1401-CC) and submit it to FCDJFS. You may also call the Customer Access Center (CAC) at (614) 233-2000 option 2 and report the change, such as new employment, or address change over the phone. If verification is required for the reported change, submit the documents within 10 days of the date the change is reported, and please be sure to include the best way a case manager can contact you if further information is needed regarding your reported change(s).

Fax your documents to (614) 233-2749, or email documents to: FranklinCountyChildcare@fcdjfs.franklincountyohio.gov

Please remember to include your name and/or 10-digit case number on each document that you submit.